Eileen Dycus has been working in the furniture and design industry for over 20 years.

Every client and every detail on all projects are provided exclusivity in design in order to meet their personal goals and objectives.

Designing spaces that are unique works of art that envelope the clients' personal interests and love of life are our primary focus.

Comfortable living that feels enriched with warmth, creativity, style and unique expressions of art is our objective.

Exceeding beyond the client's expectations and creating rooms they love living in is what drives our founder's work and art.

Eileen Dycus By Design, Inc works with many artists and master craftsmen internationally. One-of-a-kind designs of furniture, custom cabinetry, architectural mill work and art work that compliments a project perfectly have been designed by our founder. Our full design services include every single detail from concept through production, while governing every detail to its full completion.

Please enjoy viewing several of our favorite projects.

Life is beautiful and it's beauty should gracefully adorn our homes and private spaces enriching our daily lives in solitude or shared with our family and friends.

Eileen Dycus

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